Mayo Mashupz

Source: Heinz

All three sauces have rolled into Asda today (13 February)

Heinz has unveiled a trio of Mayo Mashupz, which combine its Seriously Good Mayonnaise with other popular table sauces

They are: Mayoracha (mayonnaise and sriracha), Mayomust (mayonnaise and mustard) and Mayocue (mayonnaise and BBQ sauce).

All three sauces have rolled into Asda today (13 February). Mayocue will be exclusive to the retailer for 12 months, while Mayoracha and Mayomust will roll into additional retailers from April (rsp: £3.39/400ml). 

Heinz launched its first mayonnaise hybrid Saucy Sauce (originally Mayochup) – a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise – in March 2019. It then posted a poll to Twitter in September 2021 to “put the power in the hands of the public to decide which sauces to mix next”.

More than 81,000 people responded, with more than 66,000 voting for sriracha, mustard or BBQ sauce. 

Mayoracha had already been launched by Kraft Heinz in the US and Canada in 2020. As reported by The Grocer, the fmcg giant then applied to register the name as a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office in September 2021, hinting at a pending UK launch. 

“People are always telling us about the saucy combinations they create, so after the success of Saucy Sauce, we knew the appetite was there for more tasty Heinz Mashupz,” said Heinz senior brand manager Wendy Lin.

“With people cooking at home more than ever, our new range of Heinz Mashupz has been designed to take mealtimes to the next level.”