Asda last stocked a Heinz Beanz pizza 19 years ago.

After a brief flirtation with Deliveroo, they’re back in earnest – this time in Iceland.

The brand had attempted to generate hype around the launch on social media, suggesting it would bring back the pizzas for 5,000 likes of a tweet. In the end, the post achieved nothing like that, but the pizzas were later spotted in freezers regardless

Weeks before eagled-eyed shoppers spied Beanz pizzas on shelves, they’d been excited over another Heinz product spotted in Iceland. That was another reinvented classic Heinz SKU: frozen hash browns stuffed with the brand’s signature Beanz.

All in all, it’s fair to say Heinz has been on something of an resurrection spree. What’s the thinking behind it?

Despite the flop of a Twitter campaign, Heinz’s head of growth platform new ventures, Sophie Higgins, insists the revival of Beanz pizzas and hash browns were consumer-driven.

“We are listening to what consumers ask us on our social channels and bringing back nostalgic bean-based products, such as Beanz pizza and Beanz hash browns made with our traditional baked beans.

“Our activation of these two lines were entirely on social and PR channels and we had more than 400 million impressions with people celebrating new ways to engage with the brand and to eat their favourite beans at home.”

It’s not just old products returning. There are plenty of new products in the Heinz Beanz range that would have been unthinkable to consumers a couple of years ago.

Among the tamer launches are high-protein, vegan-friendly, frozen bean burgers – in Texan spiced, Italian and Original variants. The brand calls it its ‘Beanz Liberation Exercise’, taking the many beans it sources beyond the well-known tins of baked beans into other formats - from plastic pots to a bean-based houmous.

“The goal of Beanz Liberation is to finally take our humble bean out of the can, harnessing its versatility, great taste and nutrition power,” says Higgins.

“We are bringing a range of tasty, convenient and plant-based products accessible for everyone in the frozen category and beyond. Recent research we did demonstrates that consumers perceived our bean-based innovation as a way to modernise and make Heinz Beanz more exciting, with consumers finding the brand more modern after seeing our Beanz Liberation launches.”

Heinz Beanz toastie

In 2018, Heinz brought out a toastie for coffee shops


Beyond Beanz, ranges in the wider Heinz brand, including sauces and babyfoods, have also seen range extensions in the past 18 months.

There are new pasta sauces, immunity support pouches, salad dressings, condiments and mayonnaises.

“Innovation is a strategic pillar of our growth strategy at Kraft Heinz,” adds a Kraft Heinz spokesperson.

“We have strategic consumer platforms we innovate within, and every product or solution is born having a clear insight, meaningful and scalable consumer problem to be solved.”

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In plain English, that means Heinz is grabbing the opportunities for which it sees a niche in the market. And naturally, some niches are empty for a reason, meaning that not all launches will pan out. 


The chilled Beanz Protein Pots contained a mixture of beans, sausage and scrambled eggs

One such example is Heinz’s Beanz Protein Pots, which exited supermarkets this year after less than two years on sale.

The chilled pots contained a mixture of beans, sausage and scrambled eggs, and were positioned as an on-the-go breakfast option for time-short shoppers.

In the end, the pots floundered, selling just £143k worth in the 12 months following their launch [NielsenIQ 52 w/e 1 January 2022].

Undeterred, the brand is still registering plenty of new trademarks, including one for frozen ‘One Pan’ meals – a brand launched in Australia earlier this year. It also snapped up a trademark for ’Flavourhood’, registered under class 30, covering salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments.

It could also be poised to launch a plant-based barbecue range, after applying to register the name ‘VBQ’ as a trademark with the IPO under class 29, covering vegetarian  and vegan sausages and burgers, and class 30.

So, what are Heinz’s most out-there launches of the past two years? And where are they now?

heinz beanz bowl

Ready Mealz

Frozen ready meals under the Beanz brand burst on to the scene in September 2022. 

Called Beanz Bowlz, the first three SKUs took inspiration from world foods, coming in Herby Tomato, Fragrant Coconut and Smoky Chilli flavours.

Each meal boasts claims of high-fibre, high-protein and no artificial ingredients as well as providing two to four portions of the recommended five fruit and veg a day, at less than 400 calories.

They’re now on sale at Asda, Iceland, Ocado and Morrisons




Though the word ‘houmous’ is Arabic for chickpeas, Heinz dispensed with them when it came to inventing its own take on the dip.

Heinz unleashed its creation made with white beans and tahini in May 2022. It dubbed the chilled concoction Beanz Houmouz, leaving some intrigued and others horrified that a brand would attempt to encroach on the historically own-label houmous turf.

Three flavours are Original, Roasted Butternut Squash and Chipotle Chilli, which are yet to be offered to the major multiples, says Heinz.


Untitled design - 2022-07-25T130213.220


In July 2022, Kraft Heinz expanded its range of savoury babyfood pouches and added a sweet Immunity Support range.

The new Immunity Support range comprises three sweet flavours: Pear, Raspberry & Yoghurt; Blueberry, Coconut & Oat; and Strawberry & Yoghurt.

Each contain vitamin C, which contributed to the normal functioning of the immune system, said Heinz.

In November 2022, The Grocer could not find the Immunity Support range available in the mults.


Heinz pasta sauce

Pasta sauces

In February 2022, Heinz announced it was moving into the world of tomato-based pasta sauces, made with its very own tomato seeds.

This range includes four core SKUs: Tomato Sauce for Bolognese, Sundried Cherry Tomato & Basil, Tomato & Chilli, and Tomato, Mascarpone & Grana Padano Cheese, as well as Tomato & Lentil Ragu, Chunky Tomato & Mediterranean Veggies and Tomato, Mushroom & Pepper.

Met with huge anticipation and hundreds of likes among foodie watchers on The Grocer’s Instagram, commentators called the launch a “no-brainer”.

Since the unveiling, the range has gone on to achieve listings in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Amazon and Asda, with more national listings coming soon, according to thr brand.


Heinz made for veggies

Made for Veggies condiments

Launched in December 2021, the Made for Veggies range is intended “predominantly for dipping”, but could also be used for marinating, in cooking and in stir-fries, according to Heinz.

The five-strong range comprises flavours inspired by world cuisines: Tomato & Smoked Paprika, Chilli & Miso, Preserved Lemon & Agave, Coconut & Chilli and Balsamic & Rosemary.

Heinz pledged to support the launch  with a multichannel campaign aiming to inspire “consumers who usually steer away from vegetables to rediscover their fresh taste”.

Various SKUs in the lineup are stocked in Ocado and Morrisons.


Heinz Plant Proteinz

Plant Proteinz

Unveiled in October 2021, Heinz’s new brand Plant Proteinz was brought to the market with the promise of a £2.5m spend.

Originally launched as a trio of canned soups, the Heinz website no longer lists Coconut Curry & Jackfruit among its range, leaving Mediterranean Tomato & Bean and Moroccan Chickpea & Bell Pepper.

Each can of soup is said to provide at least 14g of plant-based protein and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

The pair of soups are available in Asda, Ocado and Waitrose.


Heinz Kumana avocado hot sauces


Without a stitch of the distinctive Heinz branding on the front of pack to inspire confidence in this unknown label, Heinz brought Kumana to the UK in summer 2021.

The Venezuelan-inspired, avocado-based hot sauces contain hass avocados, chilli peppers, bell peppers, garlic and coriander to create a South American spice blend, while maintaining a “creamy” texture. 

They had proved a success in the US following their 2017 debut.

Hot Original, Sriracha and Jalapeño flavours first launched into Ocado, followed by Amazon, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.



Seriously Good flavours

Heinz added flavoured variants to its Seriously Good mayo range in July 2020 following the success of its plain range mate.

Garlic & Caramelised Onion, Rich & Creamy Truffle and Lemon & Black Pepper were designed to up the ante in the mayonnaise fixture and provide an indulgent option for customers seeking premiumisation in the category.

The Seriously Good Mayo brand, which Heinz launched in 2016 as a competitor to Hellmann’s, has gone from strength to strength  since it hit the market, and has previously highlighted flavoured mayos as a key driving force behind its growth. 


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