Pladis has slimmed down Hobnobs for a new ‘Thins’ version of the biscuit brand.

Hobnobs Thins have been rolled out in 170g packs, with an eye to drawing younger shoppers with a “modern take on a classic biscuit” (rsp: £1.79).

Pladis also added a new ‘Chocfilled’ SKU to its range of McVitie’s Digestive Thins, which features two digestive thins sandwiched around a solid chocolate centre. They will be available in standard and double chocolate flavours (rsp: £1.79/130g). Pladis said they “buck the trend for sandwiched biscuits by offering a solid core instead of a cream filling”.

The Thins range was “an important innovation platform” for McVitie’s, said its brand director Emma Stowers. Retail sales of the range had already hit £17m to date, she claimed.

Pladis isn’t the only biscuit supplier to be placing a greater focus on slimmed-down versions of its treats. Over the past two years Mondelez and Burton’s have also launched thin versions of their bestsellers. Oreo’s Thins range, for instance, is now seven-strong, while last summer saw the rollout of Burton’s Maryland Thins.