Hotel Chocolat free from items WEB

Source: Hotel Chocolat

The products will be available in its 103 stores and cafés

Hotel Chocolat has launched a range of products that are free from gluten, dairy, nuts and wheat.

The luxury chocolatier introduced the selection of four products in its 103 stores and cafés across the UK last week, as well as the US and Japan, after adding them online on 21 February. 

Shoppers can choose between chocolate made with 45% cocoa that is designed to be just as creamy and mellow as milk chocolate, or 70% dark products that are rich and smooth. 

The lines, which have been about a year in the making, are free-from versions of its organic bunnies (rsp: £8/100g), as well as Puddles (rsp: £6/115g). They are made in an entirely free-from environment, with what the chocolatier has called “uncompromisingly good ingredients”.

Hotel Chocolat will also add the new items to its chocolate tasting ‘lock-in’ events. 

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“This range is the natural progression from all the effort we’ve put into our vegan-friendly products over the last five years, and we’ve always had a really strong following in the vegan community,” CEO and co-founder Angus Thirlwell told the Grocer. “There is definitely scope to expand the selection in the future.”

The products were also designed to be “just right for a loved one who usually misses out,” a spokeswoman for Hotel Chocolat added.