Little Dish partners with Felix Project

Source: Little Dish

Little Dish founder Hillary Graves (r) said the £2.85 rsp was ‘in line’ with the wider range

Toddler food pioneer Little Dish is to launch a co-branded meal with The Felix Project for a ‘buy one, feed one free’ charity initiative.

The Mac & Cheese meal will be a permanent fixture in the Little Dish range and is projected by the brand to sell 500,000 units within its first 12 months – translating into 500,000 meals donated to kids in need.

Mac & Cheese provides one portion of a child’s 5 a day due to its inclusion of blended butternut squash and sweet potato.

It will roll into Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, and Ocado in September

It will have an rsp of £2.85 for 200g – which was “in line” with Little Dish’s portfolio, said founder Hillary Graves.

The Mac & Cheese recipe had been specifically chosen as the first in the partnership to maximise support for The Felix Project, as it was a “best-seller” in the category.

Graves said she was “willing to have a loss-maker” in the range to ramp up the brand’s support of charity – to which Little Dish has donated more than 50,000 meals to date.

The brand has also hosted team volunteering events for the charity and created a “super sauce” recipe in partnership – to demonstrate how kitchen cupboard ingredients can be used up to create versatile and nutritious cooking sauce.

“We want to do more to help families feed their children fresh, healthy meals and are inspired by The Felix Project and their incredible work,” said Graves.

It was “an honour to partner with them to bring healthy meals to families in need”, she added.

While Mac & Cheese was the first co-branded SKU to launch, Little Dish was already considering launching additional products in support of the charity, Graves said.

It comes as Little Dish has reported a growth of 35% in value sales since January, when it moved its children’s ready meals to 100% recyclable packaging made from 85% wood fibre.