Malton Foods has added five new products to its ready meals and snacks portfolio, including a ‘complete breakfast’ in a tray.

The Ultimate All Day Breakfast, which comes in a plastic tray containing sausages, bacon, beans, potatoes and omelette, was rolled into Asda last week under the Westlers brand (rsp: £2/350g).

The company also launched two new Pot Stuff variants - Irish Stew and Chinese Chicken Curry (rsp: £1.99). The breakfast tray was a game changer and would “modernise” the ambient meat market by moving away from the traditional canned format used for some other ambient breakfast products, said the business.

A microwaveable meatball trio, in gravy, tomato and bolognese sauce, have also joined the Westlers brand (rsp: £1/250g). “Westlers Microwaveable Meatballs pots are a first for the ambient hot canned meat category,” said marketing controller Robert Burns.