Moju Ginger Booster

East London brand Moju has launched Booster, a range of cold-pressed, high-pressure processed juice shots - a UK first, according to the vegetable juice start-up.

Developed to “move the HPP juice category on from larger formats”, the NPD’s initial variant is Ginger, with a turmeric-based version planned for later this year.

Rolling out now to Harrods and Planet Organic, Booster (rsp: £1.95/60ml) was the first product Moju founders Rich Goldsmith and Charlie Leet-Cook wanted to take to market, but they were unable at the time to find the necessary packaging.

“The growth in the HPP juice category is really exciting but the innovation to date has been focused on recipe development in larger format juices,” said Goldsmith and Leet-Cook.

“Moju will always focus on offering functional and healthy products packaged in a fun and engaging way, so the Booster range is a very natural progression for the brand.”