ovio olive drink strawberry

ovio olive drink strawberry

Olive leaf health supplement brand Ovio has expanded into the soft drinks market.

Ovio InFusion, which is rolling out now to Holland & Barrett, has also won listings with Ocado and is in discussions with Waitrose. The organic drinks are sold in 250ml plastic bottles (rsp: £1.59) in lemon & mint, strawberry & elderberry and cucumber & mint.

They contain a 19% infusion of olive leaf - which contained the same antioxidants found in olive oil but without the fat, said Ovio co-founder Dominic White.

The leaves, sourced in Italy, are a by-product of olive growing and are typically discarded or used for animal feed. The drinks also contain fruit juice and natural flavourings, with a 250ml serving containing 28 calories and 6.3g of sugar.

Ovio was founded by White and his wife, who became aware of the properties of olive leaf when they lived in Italy. The first product under the brand was the Ovio Wellness range of supplements, which come in a 500ml bottle containing seven servings (rsp: £12.59) and are listed in Ocado, Boots and Holland & Barrett.

“With more retailers driving to reduce the sugar content in soft drinks and shoppers hungry for alternatives to carbonated sugary drinks, juices and smoothies, our new Ovio InFusion drinks tick all the boxes for both retailers and shoppers,” said White. “The uniqueness of what we have created, quality of the blends and our all-natural organic positioning are adding up to a fantastic offer in the right place at the right time.”