Fledgling brand Percival & Co has made its debut with ‘Hard Tonic’ - an alcoholic tonic water infused with elderflower.

The drink has an abv of 4%, and is made by infusing a fortified apple wine with elderflower and other botanicals (rsp: £3.50/330ml).

It was created as an alternative to “sickly and sugar laden” less alcoholic drinks, said Percival & Co founder Lucy Warhurst.

“It seemed ludicrous to me that relatively health conscious people, myself included, would spend hundreds of pounds a year on gym membership and organic food, pick their lunchtime sandwich based on calorie count, obsess over completing 10,000 steps a day on their Fitbit, and then destroy all their virtuous doings in the pub that evening without any consideration as to the units of alcohol and hidden calories they were knocking back.”

No listings have yet been confirmed, but the brand is in talks with numerous specialist retailers and distributors.

This story was amended on 24/7/2018 to reflect that other alcoholic tonic waters were on the market prior to the launch of this product