Rowntrees new non-HFSS range

Source: Rowntree’s

Rowntree’s has unveiled its first non-HFSS offer, a four-strong range of gummy sweets. 

Berry Hearts, Safari Mix, Gummy Bears and Jelly Snakes (rsp: £1.35/115g) are made with real fruit juice and provide 30% less sugar compared with other Rowntree’s products and similar sweets.

Containing no artificial sweeteners, the lineup features soluble corn fibre to reduce the amount of sugar and increase fibre content. 

Berry Hearts, Safari Mix and Gummy Bears will be available in major supermarkets from the beginning of February and from wholesalers later this year. Jelly Snakes will roll exclusively into Tesco from March. 

“Like all of Rowntree’s products, the new range has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives,” said brand manager Hannah Boyle. “We’ve gone one step further, offering shoppers a yummy, more permissible treat.”

It comes as Rowntree’s Tropical Tots are set to roll out nationwide next month, after a successful exclusive run in Tesco.

Rival brand Fruitella also added HFSS-compliant jellies to its line-up this month. Called Curiosities, two variants featuring animal-shaped sweets have launched: By The Sea and In The Snow.