Pistonhead 0.5% Flat Tire beer

The NPD has “all the same flavour” as its alcoholic counterpart

Pistonhead is moving into non-alcoholic beers with a 0.5% version of its Flat Tire lager.

Having seen “rapid growth” in leading supermarkets, the Swedish brand was “in talks with the same major retail outlets” to add the new brew to “complement the current offering”, with an eye to securing listings by early 2018 (rsp: £1.49/330ml).   

Made with imported Centennial and Mosaic hops, 0.5% Flat Tire had “all the same flavour” as its alcoholic counterpart, said Pistonhead. “The demand for more variety in non-alcoholic offerings is becoming far more apparent with consumers who are becoming more health-conscious and reducing their alcohol intake and changing their general drinking habit.  

“Those who are choosing not to drink should have more to choose from. With alcoholic drinks trends becoming more experimental, non-alcoholic products should have the capacity to offer the same.”

Sales of Pistonhead’s beer are up £1.7m (679.4%) from £256k to £1.9m over the past year, having picked up a slew of listings in the mults over the first half of 2017 [Nielsen 52 w/e 22 April 2017].