Tenzing BCAA

Source: Tenzing

It contains BCAAs from corn, while others use keratin

Tenzing is launching a plant-based BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) energy drink aimed at shoppers wanting to keep active during lockdown.

The brand claims the NPD – Blackberry & Açaí – is the first plant-based BCAA energy drink made with natural ingredients.

It was “crammed with anti-oxidising berries”, said Tenzing, containing 1500mg BCAAs derived from corn, as well as 106mg natural caffeine, 100mg electrolytes and 24mg vitamin C.

The drink will launch next week to users of fitness tracking app Strava who complete the Tenzing Unleash Energy Challenge, entailing four days of 20 minutes exercise per week for two consecutive weeks.

It will then hit Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended (rsp: £1.99/330ml). 

Tenzing BCAA was “the strongest plant power on the market”, said Tenzing, suggesting it could help reduce tiredness and fatigue and support the immune system.

The brand said nearly all other BCAAs on the market were made from keratin and used solvents to extract the amino acids from animal-derived sources.

Tenzing, meanwhile, fermented corn using ”friendly probiotic bacteria” to make plant-based BCAAs.

This method was “a much more costly process, but well worth it”, it said.