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Two HFSS-compliant variants, Choco Crunch and Caramel Gold, will launch (rsp: £2/375g)

British YouTube collective The Sidemen has partnered with Mornflake to launch a cereal brand.

Called Best Cereal, the range will debut with two HFSS-compliant variants, Choco Crunch and Caramel Gold (rsp: £2/375g).

Both are made with a combination of wheat and oat puffs, and fortified with vitamins B12, D and E.

They will hit Tesco shelves on 6 March, with a wider rollout planned for later in the year.

Comprising YouTube personality KSI (who founded energy drinks brand Prime with US YouTuber Logan Paul in 2022), along with Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123 and W2S, The Sidemen was formed in 2013.

Best isn’t The Sidemen’s first venture into fmcg. It launched its own spirits and RTD brand, XIX Vodka, into Morrisons in 2022 and secured a Tesco listing at the end of last year.

“We were asked to create a cereal which was healthy and delicious,” said Mornflake commercial director Justin Lobb.

“Healthy meant it obviously had to be HFSS-compliant… And delicious because if it doesn’t taste really, really, good, kids just won’t eat it.

“I think we’ve fulfilled the brief, and then some, in both aspects,” Lobb added. 

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The launch will be backed by an advertising campaign starring professional darts player Luke Littler, premiering on 6 March.

The ad depicts Littler tucking into a bowl of Best Cereal while throwing three bullseyes.

The campaign will also involve out-of-home and radio advertising.

Best said it would donate a “significant proportion of its profits directly to Magic Breakfasts”, a UK-based charity that provides morning meals to children in need.

“The partnership with Magic Breakfasts is really important to all of The Sidemen as it means we’ll be helping kids who don’t always get a breakfast but would love to get the best start to their day,” said Zerkaa (aka Joshua Bradley).