Source: Top Beverages

The brand said it was “targeting the luxury market” with £30/100ml price

Spirits startup Top Beverages has debuted with a duo of posh CBD-infused drinks.

It has launched One Gin and One Spiced Rum (both 54.5% abv), which are infused with 10mg of cannabidiol per 100ml bottle.

The gin is billed as having “a robust taste” thanks to botanicals such as elderflower, lemon peel, lime peel and Valencian orange, while the rum has “a distinctive combination” of spices such as as nutmeg and cassia bark.

However, the drinks come in at £30 per 100ml bottle – more than the cost of a standard 70cl bottle of many upmarket gins on the market. A 70cl bottle of Whitley Neill, for example, currently costs £21 in Tesco.

The brand was “very much aimed at the luxury market”, said co-founder Saf Ali. This was based on “a number of factors” such as the use of all-natural ingredients, the strength of the liquids, the “addition of highest quality CBD” and “the high quality of the bottles, which are Italian glass”.

The drinks are contract distilled in Scotland at an unnamed “micro-distillery”. Ali said: “Everything we do we want to be bespoke to our brand, and have been extremely careful to partner with the right people who share our vision, and want to join us on our journey.”

The brand was founded by Ali, a former music marketing executive, and former attorney Nicholas Pullen in January 2019.