mcvities trio

United Biscuits hopes to capitalise on shoppers’ nostalgia for retro brands by bringing back the Trio biscuit bar.

Popular in the 1980s, Trio is set to return to retailers’ shelves from 1 March - 13 years after being discontinued by Jacobs.

Trio bars will be available under the McVitie’s brand as a limited edition. UB said “exact timeframes” for how long the product would be on sale had not yet been decided and would depend on demand. It anticipates sales of at least £3.2m.

Available in 138g multipacks of six (rsp: £1.29), the bars have already been listed by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

UB will support the return of Trio with a digital and PR campaign, alongside in-store activity. The well-known calypso jingle from the original 1984 Trio TV advert, featuring loudmouthed singer Suzy, will be given an “exciting new twist” to play a “big part” in the campaign, the company added.

Trio was featured in The Grocer’s Bring Back a Brand campaign on Facebook in 2012, and UB said the success of that campaign was a factor behind the biscuit’s return.

“With the rise in ­digital news and social media, voices can grow very loud indeed in calling for past brands’ return. This has certainly been the case with Trio, including its top three place in The Grocer’s Bring Back a Brand Facebook vote,” said Sarah Heynen, marketing ­director of sweet biscuits at UB. “There has been a huge level of interest shown in retro brands, particularly across food and drink.”