Having kicked off the season with Premier League Match Attax, Topps is now bringing out a second series of nPower Championship collectable cards.

The latest addition to its £30m Attax brand, which follows the launch of Premier League Match Attax last month, will roll out on 18 October as starter packs (rsp: £4.99) and 10-card boosters (rsp: £1).

Topps is hoping it can exceed the sales of last year’s first-ever Championship edition. “We launched Championship in December last year and have an earlier start this time, which should add to sales,” said marketing director Rod Pearson.

Marketing will be focused on regional activity as the brand is particularly strong in areas with a high density of clubs, and will include coupons for packs given out through the regional press or the clubs, as well as organised play events.

“We might go along to a supermarket and get a local football player along - giving collectors a chance to get cards signed,” said Pearson.

The company, which generates 25% of Attax sales through grocery, has also teamed up with Morrisons to offer exclusive cards in some packs.