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Budget undisclosed Manufacturer Müller

Luxury dessert brand Müller Amoré has joined forces with A Place in the Sun as the new sponsor of the Channel 4 series. The five, 10 and 15-second indents for each episode focus on the joy of discovery and flavours of Europe.
Valerie Aston, buying controller, proudfoot

My initial reaction to this product was that the packaging wasn’t exactly impactful. The colours were bland and uninteresting.

It’s a new concept in buying mozzarella - a product that is ready to eat, rolled and sliced. The product tastes as expected.

With the increase in all things convenient, this line should prove to be a hit as long as the pricing is not too premium.

While the concept is innovative, the packaging is rather disappointing.

Consumers have a limited reason to notice this different product on shelf; with poor standout on the shelf, it could be anything, really.

Score: 17/25
Budget undisclosed Manufacturer General Mills

With a strapline of ‘Taste the Fun’, new TV advertising for General Mills’ Old El Paso shows consumers determined to give their families and guests a good time, despite busy lifestyles and a lack of cash.

savanna dry


babco uk

Launch date:

october 2005Cider has in the past year come a long way in gaining a more upmarket image, with the launch of several premium brands.

One of the latest premium innovations to hit shelves in the UK is Savanna Dry from South Africa.

While the cider has been listed in the UK on-trade for 20 months, it was only launched into the off-trade in October, led by Tesco and Thresher.

And, according to distributor and importer Babco UK, Savanna Dry is off to a good start. “Initial off-trade sales look very promising,” says MD Chris Bowen, who has high hopes for the tipple.

“The brand is very much in its infancy and it is worth approximately £2m at present, but we aim for it to be one of the top three cider brands within five years and the number one imported offering,” says Bower. “The plan is to double our volume over the next 18 months.”

The company is looking to extend via the multiple grocer estate and tasting will be key for in-store offers, while consumer awareness via both men’s and women’s style press will also be playing a big part in promoting the brand.

The launch is being backed by a £1.2m marketing spend through the next year.

The 6% abv cider claims to differentiate itself from the competition through its distinctive taste, sourced from South African Granny Smith apples, and through its positioning as a cider drunk straight from the bottle with a lemon wedge in the neck.

Babco, which said it decided to launch Savanna Dry on the back of numerous enquiries from consumers asking where they could buy the brand, is hoping the newcomer will encourage new cider drinkers to the category.

“Apart from marketing Savanna to traditional cider drinkers, many of whom preferred its taste to other ciders in the market, the promotional campaign has also been designed to appeal to non-cider drinkers,” says Bowen.

In South Africa, Savanna Dry is also available in a light 3% abv version, but Babco has no UK plans for that style yet.
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