Deliveroo’s new website will offer favourable rates and staff perks to partner restaurants

Deliveroo is using its scale to offer favourable rates and staff perks to partner restaurants through a new website.

Offers available to 10,000 Deliveroo-listed restaurants include up to 28% discounts on job advertising, reduced recruitment agency and temp fees, cheaper wifi and 10% off printing services.

The online food delivery firm’s new support site also offers benefits for restaurant staff including savings on cinema tickets, meals out and gym membership.

Discounts of up to 25% are offered on staff training courses in areas including food safety, supplier management and nutrition.

The staff discounts are available to all Deliveroo partner restaurants while some other benefits are restricted to businesses working exclusively with the delivery firm.

A spokesman said the “roo-wards” scheme was aimed at tackling poor staff retention and labour shortages, “the biggest single barrier to growth” according to a survey of Deliveroo’s restaurant partners.

“At a time when restaurants have seen costs increase across their industry and many have found it tough to retain staff, Deliveroo is using its scale to negotiate favourable rates and discounts to benefit the wide range of restaurants it works with,” he said.

Deliveroo UK MD Dan Warne said: “We have been working with restaurants to understand what would help their businesses and we are proud to announce a package of support that will cut their day-to-day costs, meaning they can focus on what matters: producing amazing food.”

Warne added: “I’m really pleased that we are going to be able to give something more back to restaurant staff, who might not otherwise have access to the kinds of reward schemes staff in other industries benefit from.”