Getir 'you've got it' - OOH

Rapid grocer Getir is “rolling back prices to the 1990s” in response to cost of living crisis.

Several products feature in the ‘90s rollback’ promotion, with discounts on current prices of around 45%.

The quick commerce brand said there were “more staples being added every week” through the promotion, which runs until the end of this month.

“The cost of living crisis is hitting the UK hard and prices are continuing to creep up on everyday items,” a spokeswoman for Getir said.

“We’re committed to providing value to our customers so we are rolling back the cost of a number of our staple products to their RRP in the 90s to highlight the huge increase, but also to give our consumers the opportunity to buy their favourite products at an affordable price and remind them of the good old days,” the spokeswoman added.

Shoppers add the featured products to their basket to take advantage of the deal, but each will be limited to buying a maximum of two of each single product “to make sure consumers across the country get to enjoy the 90s prices”.

According to latest ONS research, around 9 in ten (89%) adults in Great Britain continue to report that their cost of living has increased. Nearly all (94%) cite “an increase in the price of their food shop” among the reasons for the rise.

More than a third (35%) of those whose cost of living had gone up have cut back spending on food and essentials, an ONS August report found.

Getir’s “Back to the 90s” promotion will “hopefully lessen the load of product price spikes” the company said.

Getir’s rapid rivals are also responding to the cost of living crisis with price promotions. Gopuff in March started price matching or beating Tesco Express on 100 selected products.

Jiffy in April began to price match more than 150 products with and discount a further 460 lines “in response to the cost of living crisis”. The following month The Grocer revealed Jiffy was to cease all consumer-facing operations, as it makes a “major strategic pivot” to become a dedicated rapid delivery software company.

Last week, Getir launched a supermarket in Amsterdam, in which customers shop from shelves and pay at a checkout, as Getir Netherland general manager Florian Brunsting put it: “Just like any other supermarket.”

The move was made chiefly in response to the drafting of new regulations specifically for the fast grocery sector by Amsterdam authorities.

“Next to the supermarket, we have a small dedicated section for home deliveries, similar to the traditional supermarkets that deliver groceries in Amsterdam. We are no different to them, nor are we different from other retailers who deliver, such as pizza delivery companies,” Brunsting said.

To the authorities he pleaded: “Our request to them is clear: please don’t treat us differently.”