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Supermarket TV advertising is more effective at converting shoppers who go to rival physical stores to online, than it is at converting existing online shoppers using other grocery websites, analysis from consumer data behaviour company ViewersLogic has found.

The study of big four supermarket shoppers also found that the uplift in bricks and mortar store footfall in the wake of TV advertising campaigns was consistently lower than the uplift in website visitors and active app users each week. “This indicates footfall is the slowest metric to move as a result of TV advertising,” ViewersLogic said.

ViewersLogic analysed store trips, app usage and web visits of shoppers in October and November last year, separating those that had been exposed to supermarket TV campaigns from those that hadn’t.

A breakdown of Asda new web customers found 55% had been converted from shopping in store at Tesco, 17% from shopping in store at Asda, and 12% having switched from

“Market share in the supermarket industry is not going to be won through physical stores in this digital age,” said Simen Moen, head of data analytics at ViewersLogic. “Our single-source data shows it is easier to convert an offline supermarket shopper into an online shopper than convert a consumer who already buys online at competitor brands through TV advertising. 

“By the time a customer has taken the time to navigate the website, create their shopping list and input their payment details, all with the option for this data to be saved on file for the next shop, it is unlikely they will easily switch to a different brand.”

Sainsbury’s achieved the greatest uplift in website visits from its TV advertising at 3.7%, with Asda a close second at 2.4%. Tesco saw traffic grow by 1.3% as a result of its TV marketing, and Morrisons 1.1%. But in all cases, the uplift in footfall was “consistently lower” – the highest was experienced by Morrisons, with just 0.6%.

“This highlights that while TV advertising drives some in-store conversion, it has a stronger impact on converting customers into online shoppers,” Moen said.

Those customers that did switch from an online grocery service from another were exposed “to far more ads in the weeks before”.