Tesco has become the latest supermarket giant to partner with online sourcing platform RangeMe.

RangeMe launched in 2014 and boasts a network of 12,000 retail buyers in the UK, Benelux, North American and Asia Pacific regions.

The platform enables suppliers to showcase their ranges and link with retail buyers looking to discover new products and search trends.

It said Tesco would leverage RangeMe’s network to help its buyers scale product sourcing efforts with streamlined submissions and simplified discovery tools.

Earlier this month. Asda announced it had partnered with RangeMe to ensure buying teams had access to thousands of emerging products. It said it had already received hundreds of pitches thanks to the tie-up.

The platform has also signed up the Co-op and Lloyds Pharmacy.

“We launched in the UK a few months ago and today the largest grocer and supermarket chain in the country has joined forces with us,” said RangeMe CEO Nicky Jackson.

“We welcome them to our community of top retailers from around the world to transform their product sourcing experience. This is also an extraordinary opportunity for British suppliers to showcase their products directly to Tesco buyers and put their best foot forward.”