It can't be easy devising a marketing campaign for Holland & Barrett that appeals to both ends of its demographic spectrum -tofu-chugging ex-hippies called Moonbeam and vein-popping Schwarzenegger wannabes intent on putting the 'cretin' in creatine.

Between the meat-free Scotch eggs and the man-sized barrels of protein powder only weightlifters could carry lurk the health chain's new promotional duo, cunningly dubbed Mr Holland and Mr Barrett, who represent opposite halves of the campaign's theme - come for the price, stay for the advice.

The status of Mr Holland (advice) as resident clever-clogs is demonstrated by him - get this - wearing some clogs, in a piece of symbolism Bergman would have been proud of. Meanwhile, apron-sporting Mr Barrett plays up the shop's half-price sale with his more traditional grocer shtick.

As comedy double-acts go, it's more Cannon & Ball than Martin & Lewis. In fact, their creepily over-familiar manner rather calls to mind the lisping assassins Mr Wint and Mr Kidd from 007 smuggling romp Diamonds Are Forever - and look what happened to them.