Favourite restaurant? The Chateau de Montreuil Hotel near Boulogne, in its own walled garden. The staff are friendly and the food is, without fail, a gastronomic delight.

Healthy food or junk food? Healthy, but with the occasional junk food indulgence

Ever sent back a meal? Twice at a London restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. Deep-fried rice balls with melting cheese and meat ragù. The centres were cold so the cheese didn't melt. They said they could not produce it. I've since eaten at the London branch. A sucker for punishment, I ordered it again - it was hot and delicious!

Final meal? The Chateau de Montreuil's chef's 'Un menu surprise en sept services'. Every time I am 'surprised' and by the end, I feel like I am going to die - so to do so would be fitting!

Fantasy car... and what do you actually drive? After an almost terrifying ride in my friend's Aston Martin, the new V8 Vantage. I drive a Land Rover Discovery, it's the most versatile car I've ever owned.

What are you reading? The Island at the Centre of the World by Russell Shorto.

Pet hates? Bullshitters, red tape and British officialdom's desire to make it as difficult as possible for businesses to grow.

Best holiday? Shanghai for New Year. Thanks to a few local contacts, we saw the Shanghai that tourists don't get to see.

What's your motto for life? 'You get what you pay for' but not far behind that is 'no good deed goes unpunished'!