Waitrose has launched its new own-brand Japanese range, Japan Menyū, featuring 26 new Japanese products. However, there’s not a sushi roll in sight.

The range has been curated in consultation with Japanese food experts Yuki Gomi and the Asian Leadership Collective, and includes ready meals, centrepieces, sides, and snacks. Half of the range is vegetarian and 10 of the products suitable for vegans.

“I’m particularly excited about our new Japan Menyū range, having enjoyed so much of it growing up as my mum is Japanese,” says Charlotte Di Cello, Waitrose commercial director. “So much care and consideration has gone into each dish to ensure we’re offering the very best Japanese-inspired selection.”


Pork Tonkatsu



Waitrose is giving the likes of Wasabi, Itsu and Yo a run for their money with its new range of Japanese-inspired meals, ready to take home and cook. This tonkatsu pork has a crumb coating, ready to shallow fry and serve with rice. 


Katsu Chicken



The staple entry point for many Brits into Japanese cuisine is the katsu curry. This take uses British chicken breast in a panko crumb coating with katsu sauce.


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Slow Cooked Chilli Miso Beef



Miso flavours have permeated restaurant cuisine, but are less likely to be seen in the average kitchen. Waitrose is providing an accessible entry to the flavour profile with its British beef slow-cooked for 10 hours with chilli miso flavours to infuse.


Miso Cod



Skinless and boneless cod fillets (MSC certified) topped with red chilli and coriander with a soy and ginger miso sauce sachet.


Slow Cooked Chilli BBQ Jackfruit



The first of 10 vegan products. They feature slow-cooked jackfruit with a Japanese-inspired barbecue sauce. Serving suggestion is to stir through rice, or stuff into steamed buns.


Teriyaki Pork Belly Slices



Waitrose is capitalising on familiar flavours like teriyaki with a range of proteins to entice customers. These marinated pork belly slices come with a teriyaki glaze.


Teriyaki Salmon



Two skin-on salmon fillets in a soy, ginger and garlic marinade.


Ready meals

Chicken Katsu Curry



Making the range even more accessible is a series of ready meals, taking the feast from fridge to table in minutes, with minimum fuss. Crispy breaded chicken with steamed rice and a mild curry sauce. 


Chicken Yaki Udon Noodles



Cooked udon noodles with vegetables and marinated chicken thigh slices in a miso, sesame and garlic sauce.


Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl



Cooked rice, marinated chicken thigh slices, spring greens and pickled vegetables in a sweet soy, mirin, rice wine and sesame sauce.


Sweet Potato Katsu Curry



Breaded sweet potato, served with steamed rice and a mild katsu curry sauce.


Miso Aubergine Rice Bowl



Cooked sushi rice, miso roasted aubergine pieces, pickled vegetables and spring greens in a miso and black bean sauce with leek, garlic and ginger. 


Sides & snacks

Chicken Karaage



Crispy fried chicken thigh, seasoned with garlic, ginger and pepper. 


Chicken Yakitori Skewers



Skewered skinless British chicken thigh strips in a sweet soy glaze with a sachet of yakitori sauce.


Tempura King Prawns



Tail-on king prawns in a tempura batter.


Cauliflower Tempura



Cauliflower florets coated in crispy batter, with spring onions and a soy yuzu dip. 


No Chicken Drumsticks



Tender jackfruit drumsticks coated in a crunchy panko crumb, served with a spicy soy glaze.


Mushroom Gyoza



Steamed pastry parcels with oyster mushrooms, vegetable filling and a soy, ginger and lime dip.


Prawn Gyoza



Fried pastry parcels with a king prawn and vegetable filling and a soy, ginger and lime dip.


Steamed Buns



Steamed pocket-shaped buns.


Katsu Curry Vegetable Steamed Buns



Steamed buns with a katsu curry-flavoured vegetable filling.


Shredded Cabbage & Edamame Slaw



Finely-cut pink and white cabbage with coriander, carrot, edamame beans, salad onions and black onion seeds, with a creamy ponzu dressing.


Dip selection



Selection of dips: teriyaki vegan mayo with soya and mustard; soya, ginger and lime; tomato and chilli firecracker.


Tenderstem, Sugar Snaps & Greens



Tenderstem broccoli, sugar snap peas, cavolo nero kale and spring greens with a miso and soy dressing sachet.


Edamame Beans



A staple side served with sushi: whole edamame beans with garlic and chilli salt.


Steamed Rice



No Japanese meal is complete without steamed rice. This option is seasoned with toasted sesame seed oil.