Deliveroo rider

Deliveroo is calling for changes to legislation so it can offer delivery riders more benefits, including holiday pay, without changing their self-employed status.

The courier company said that under existing legislation, improving benefits would “likely result in riders having their employment status reclassified through the courts”.

In a response to the government’s consultation on employment status, Deliveroo is calling for a ‘charter for secure flexible work’.

The company argued the move would allow on-demand companies to “provide benefits to riders without compromising their self-employment status”.

Among the benefits Deliveroo wants the charter to include are “funds or other payments expressly indicated to be used for things such as time off for holidays”.

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In November last year, the Central Arbitration Committee ruled Deliveroo riders were self-employed and as such not entitled to holiday pay or the minimum wage.

Deliveroo also wants the charter to establish that riders can accrue benefits “on the basis of work performed rather than hours or days worked”.

It said companies should be able to “provide training, either for health and safety purposes, specialist training courses related to the work contracted for, or training for wider life skills or educational qualifications”.

Deliveroo CEO and founder Will Shu said: “Ending the trade-off between flexibility and security will help ensure the UK’s on-demand economy is fit for the future and benefits businesses, consumers and riders alike.”