This article was last updated on 24 May 2023.

Supermarket wages became a hot topic in the pandemic, as staff helped ensure safety on top of their regular duties, and now rampant inflation has intensified competition between major retailers to recruit. So how much do hourly rates differ across the top retailers? 


Source: Aldi

Aldi: *£11.40/hour (£12.85 in London)

As of 1 July 2023, the hourly rate for Aldi shopworkers rises from £11 to £11.40 nationally. Inside the M25, it rises from £12.45 to £12.85. The new rates are higher than those offered by any of Aldi’s supermarket rivals, even factoring in rises already announced for later in the year. Aldi also offers paid breaks. 

* Rates effective from July 2023

Asda fish counter

Asda: *£11.11 (£12.28 in London)  

Hourly paid Asda workers have two rises on the way this year. The current national rate, of £10.10, will rise to £11 from 2 April and £11.11 from 2 July. The rate inside the M25, which is currently £11.27, will rise to £12.17 from 2 April and £12.28 from 2 July.  

* Rates effective from July 2023

staff communication coop

Co-op: £9.90 (£11.25 in London)

The Co-op’s minimum hourly rate is £11.25 in London and £9.90 elsewhere in the UK. The convenience retailer also offers paid breaks. 

iceland clapham

Iceland: £9.50 (£10.40 within M25)

In May 2022, Iceland was advertising store roles paid at £9.50 an hour, the legal minimum for people aged 23 or over. In London, Iceland was offering a higher rate of £10.40 an hour.

lidl staff

Lidl: *£11.40/hour (£12.85 in London)

From September 2023, entry level hourly pay for Lidl store and warehouse workers inside the M25 is due to rise to £12.85, up from £11.95. For those across the rest of the country, the rate will rise to £11.40, up from £11. The new rates are equal to those due to be offered by Aldi from 1 July, and higher than those of any other major supermarket. 

* Rates effective from September 2023

Marks & Spencers milk fridges

M&S: *£10.90 (£12.05)

From 1 April, 40,000 M&S customer assistants across the country will see their hourly rate rise from £10.20 to £10.90, in line with the Real Living Wage. In London, M&S customer assistants will see their rate rise from £11.25 to £12.05, taking it above the Real Living Wage in the capital

* Rates effective from April 2023

Morrisons Staff Worker Flowers

Morrisons: £10.20/hour (£11.05 in London)

As of October 2022, Morrisons pays a minimum £10.20 an hour nationally, which it tops up with an additional 85p an hour within the M25.

sainsburys bromley online store

Sainsbury’s: £11/hour (£11.95 inner London)

As of February 2023, Sainsbury’s minimum hourly rate for shopworkers is £11 an hour nationally and £11.95 an hour in London. The previous rate was £10.25 nationally and £11.30 in London. Sainsbury’s shopworkers also received two pay rises in 2022. 

Tesco fish counter

Tesco: *£11.02 (£11.95 in London)

From 2 April 2023, Tesco store workers will receive £11.02 an hour nationally, up from £10.30. It will be their third rise in 10 months. Workers in London boroughs will receive an additional 93p per hour allowance, taking their basic rate to £11.95. Those in outer London will receive a 73p per hour allowance, taking their basic rate to £11.75.

* Rates effective from April 2023


Waitrose: £10.30 (£11.50 in London)

Waitrose pays store staff £10.30 an hour nationally, while those inside the M25 receive at least £11.50.

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