Is the Conservatives’ promise on SAWS expansion enough?

Boris Johnson might have finally listened to the concerns of British growers, but does his new pledge go far enough?

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It’s election time, but immigration policies are hardly ‘oven-ready’

Boris Johnson doesn’t know how a microwave works, but worse still, his party still isn’t committing to the necessary EU labour for the farming sector


Sufficient labour is the only way our fruit & veg is going to get picked

There are opportunities to increase production - but not if the crop can’t be picked

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Labour shortages set to hike apple prices

British Apples & Pears warns the total amount of unpicked top fruit “could be much more” than previously thought

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Seasonal labour crisis is a serious threat to British farming

To conclude that the fruit & veg rotting in UK fields has nothing to do with Brexit is absurd

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Labour shortage hits meat processors in run-up to Christmas

Processors have warned Brexit-related labour shortages could hinder production of seasonal products

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Labour shortages putting pressure on supermarkets to raise warehouse pay

Shortage means workers can pick and choose, while DCs are having to relax job requirements, says leading recruiter

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Labour shortages will see DCs ‘struggle’ after Brexit

Wayne Brophy, managing director of Cast UK, said there was an across-the-board labour shortage in supply chain, logistics and warehouses

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Fresh food’s labour shortage reaching a ‘tipping point’

It comes amid warnings of crops rotting in fields due to a lack of workers

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No-deal Brexit ‘doomsday’ for NI milk, warns Dairy Council

The trade body has warned tariffs on dairy moving south across the Irish border would cause profitability to plummet…

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Fruit & veg crops left to rot as seasonal labour shortages take effect

Growers suggested they had picked as little as half their crop

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Leadsom warned over no-deal Brexit impact on food and drink workforce

Trade bodies are calling for a revision down of the suggested £30,000 minimum salary threshold

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Farmers of the future: are apprenticeships the solution to a labour crisis?

Britain’s farmers are concerned that Brexit could lead to a shortage of quality managers for their businesses, but could apprentices provide a long-term solution to a potential labour crisis?

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Government faces backlash over ‘bamboozling’ Brexit immigration move

It has said it intends to bring an end to freedom of movement on Halloween in the event of a no-deal

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Heck insists it ‘didn’t mean to cause offence’ amid Boris Johnson furore

The company was accused of resorting to a ‘cheap publicity stunt’ with the pro-Brexit MP

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Food and farming bodies hit out after migration committee 'ignores' sector

A new report into ’shortage occupations’, where vacancies need to be filled by non-UK workers, had omited the sector, warned the NFU

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Driver shortage leaving vacancies unfilled in logistics sector

The study found the average age of an HGV driver was 48, and 13% of drivers working in the UK were EU nationals

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Can robots solve the labour shortage in UK warehousing?

There’s an evolving stream of technology ready to revolutionise warehousing – and replace humans


Businesses 'may go bust' in no-deal Brexit, says survey

Nearly 12% agreed with the statement that no-deal would be a “calamity” for their business

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Even healthy businesses have been put in a Brexit planning stranglehold

We at Birds Eye are directing time and money towards Brexit planning instead of improving our business, says Wayne Hudson, managing director at Birds Eye