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Meat sector facing labour ‘challenges’ despite decline in EU worker percentage

A BMPA study found the percentage of EU nationals across the sector fell from 69% in 2018 to 62% this year

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Soaring cost of production threatening future of UK growing sector: report

Labour costs had risen by 34% across the fresh produce sector between 2016 and 2020 and by up to 15% higher during the coronavirus crisis

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Calls to add skilled abattoir workers to post-Brexit shortage occupation list

Meat processors have warned a 15% shortfall of skilled slaughterhouse labour could worsen without action

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Coronavirus: UK facing stiff competition from Europe for seasonal food workers

EU countries are easing lockdowns faster than the UK – and becoming increasingly desirable for workers

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Britain needs a new ‘land army’ to get its fresh produce picked

Evoking WWII is usually cringey, but it might be a way to appeal to Brexit Britain’s patriotic pickers

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Coronavirus: produce sector warns of May labour ‘crunch point’

The news comes despite 8,000 applications from British workers in recent days

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Coronavirus: Fresh produce labour providers report surge in UK job applicants

UK growers need 70,000-80,000 seasonal workers every year, with most of these jobs taken up by migrant labour

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Coronavirus: Migrant labour ‘could be flown into UK’ to help pick fresh produce

Specially chartered flights are being considered as growers seek to ensure they have enough pickers

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MPs to launch inquiry into post-Brexit immigration proposals’ impact on food

Efra Committee chair Neil Parish warned produce could be ‘left to rot in fields’ if the food sector’s labour requirements weren’t met


Poultry sector faces £15m staff costs under new immigration rules

British Poultry Council CEO Richard Griffiths has warned the new rules ‘will have an impact on the cost of production’

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Major apple grower warns of ‘massive disruption’ from new immigration rules

AC Goatham made the warning in an open letter to local MPs and government ministers


G’s warns of slavery risk amid new immigration laws and GLAA funding cuts

The grower said anti-slavery watchdog the GLAA was struggling to carry out its remit due to a lack of funding

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New immigration policy will punish British food businesses and consumers

Exacerbating the industry’s labour crisis will inevitably lead to food price rises

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Cheap foreign labour crackdown plan slammed as ‘disastrous’ for food and drink

The government has told businesses they must adapt to employ higher-paid workers from the UK and invest more in automation

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Migration report recommendations ‘don’t go far enough’, warns food industry

The Migration Advisory Committee published a report on how a post-Brexit immigration system should work


Is the Conservatives’ promise on SAWS expansion enough?

Boris Johnson might have finally listened to the concerns of British growers, but does his new pledge go far enough?

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It’s election time, but immigration policies are hardly ‘oven-ready’

Boris Johnson doesn’t know how a microwave works, but worse still, his party still isn’t committing to the necessary EU labour for the farming sector


Sufficient labour is the only way our fruit & veg is going to get picked

There are opportunities to increase production - but not if the crop can’t be picked

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Labour shortages set to hike apple prices

British Apples & Pears warns the total amount of unpicked top fruit “could be much more” than previously thought

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Seasonal labour crisis is a serious threat to British farming

To conclude that the fruit & veg rotting in UK fields has nothing to do with Brexit is absurd