A combination of sporting prowess and marketing experience led to the creation of My Goodness back in 2003 in the spare bedroom of Jeremy Martin's house in Clapham, south London. Martin met co-founder Stuart Jeffreys when they worked at L'Oréal. Jeffreys showed Martin his sports drink in 2001 and they spent the next two years seeing if there was a wider market for the drink. They even hung around garage forecourts taking photos of what men bought for breakfast. "We would watch blokes with a can of Red Bull, a packet of crisps and a sausage roll and ask them why they didn't choose anything healthier, " says Martin. "Their answer was 'I'm hungry and there is nothing else worth choosing'." In 2004 the company shipped hundreds of samples to athletes in preparation for the Olympic Games in Athens. In 2005 GB rower Alex Brooks joined the business to head up its sports marketing.