Symington’s recall of one of its Ragu lasagne sauce varieties is apparently on grounds of food safety rather than illiteracy or brand confusion. Described as “Britain’s original pasta sauce, since 1988,” it’s neither original nor, having been invented in the US in the 1930s, British. Dolmio’s claims (1986, Australian) aren’t that much stronger either, all highlighting the increasingly valuable PR skill of rewriting history to fit today’s brand positioning. Or at least that’s what Karoline (with a K) says. She is both old enough to remember this sort of stuff and also speaks with authority, having just persuaded Google to remove 17 links to former misdemeanours (including the ‘incident’ at the PR Week Awards in 1995 that got her the only piece of front page coverage in the Daily Telegraph she’s ever had).


While we’re talking history, and with the Scottish independence vote approaching, perhaps now is the time to reveal that I have some Scots blood in me. Or if not blood, then a good dash of invert sugar syrup. Mummy was addicted to Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers during pregnancy and was probably responsible for a good proportion of those 5 million sales a week proclaimed by the wrapper. Presumably they’ll appear along with Irn-Bru and clootie dumplings (don’t ask) in The Grocer’s Focus on World Foods feature next year, as they’ll be foreign by then.

Meanwhile, there is a rumour that subscribers to The Grocer’s new ‘platinum membership package’ not only get to see a front view of the photo above (well worth the four-year wait, even if I say so myself), but also my holiday videos from Magaluf. (Hope that helps produce the required surge in sign-ups you asked for, Adam.)