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Source: Alpro

The new campaign, ‘Alpro Plant Protein Morning Trials’, will shed a light on morning routines

Alpro has partnered with former England footballer Peter Crouch to promote its newly extended protein range.

The new campaign, ‘Alpro Plant Protein Morning Trials’, will shed a light on morning routines.

As part of the campaign, the brand has challenged Crouch to put some celebrity-inspired morning routines to the test to see if they are sustainable on an everyday basis.

The trials include waking up at 2.30am, multiple gym sessions and plunging into an ice bath.

This comes as research carried out by Alpro found that over a quarter of Brits (27%) wished they ate more healthy ad nutritious breakfasts.

However, only 6% believed their breakfast had a lot of protein, while nearly two-fifths (38%) said their breakfast didn’t contain much protein.

“We believe everyone deserves to start the day with a healthy, tasty and nutritious breakfast,” said Zoe Gardner, head of Alpro marketing UKI. “Our research found that a staggering 95% of the nation believes protein is an important addition to their diets. However, at Alpro, we have seen a lack of plant protein options at breakfast time.”

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The brand’s plant protein range was expanded in April with the launch of six new SKUs including plant-based protein drinks, alternatives to yoghurts and two bestselling variants, Creamy Oat & Almond No-Sugars, in a new 500ml pack size.

“The expansion of our plant protein range with tasty protein drinks and alternatives to yoghurts aims to make protein more accessible to consumers and provide new ways to enjoy fuss-free and healthy breakfast products for any morning routine – no matter what it looks like,” said Gardner.

Alpro has also partnered with nutritionist Jenna Hope to develop breakfast recipes with plant protein that are quick and easy to make.

The recipes include chocolate and berry pancakes, chocolate banana crepes, tropical mango breakfast bowl and fruity bites.

“Incorporating a source of protein into your breakfast each morning is ideal for helping you hit your daily requirements,” said Hope. “The new Alpro Plant Protein range enables you to incorporate more plant protein into our morning breakfast in a fuss-free and tasty way.”