Source: Unsplash

Alpro was censured by the ASA this week for claiming in an OOH advert that its products, including its almond drink, were “good for the planet”.

It came after a complainant pointed out that commercial almond farming caused environmental damage, with the watchdog agreeing the ad was “misleading”.

However, it acknowledged Alpro’s almonds were not sourced from regions with a negative environmental impact. From which one might infer that a claim to be “better for the planet” – as opposed to “good for” – could’ve avoided the ASA’s ire. After all, evidence suggests almonds, while by no means harmless, are considerably less land-hungry and water-intensive than dairy.

While small, Alpro’s error helps to highlight a big issue: the risk brands run when touting their eco-cred, given Brits’ growing disdain for greenwashing.

Plant-based, with its love of rubbishing meat and dairy’s green record, is particularly exposed to this danger – even more so when CMA rules on greenwashing take effect next year.

It’s time for suppliers to get their facts dead straight.