Source: Glebe Farm

Glebe Farm ran a one day only billboard campaign in Victoria station this week

Glebe Farm will launch a major rebrand across its entire range from June to showcase the brand’s values and status as a family-run British business.

Only the Cambridgeshire-based supplier’s new PureOaty Barista and Creamy & Enriched lines had previously carried the new branding, which was introduced in January.

The announcement comes as Glebe this week unveiled a one-day billboard campaign at London Victoria station to promote the revamp and its court win against rival Oatly last year. The ad’s strapline read: “Oatly sued us. We won. Now help us pay off our lawyers” and “Oatly sued us. We won. Because you can’t beat true. British. Oat milk.”

Oatly first filed court documents against Glebe in June 2020 over claims PureOaty infringed the Oatly and Oat-ly! trademarks. The case was heard in the High Court last August, but was dismissed after a judge found there was no likelihood of confusion between the PureOaty sign and carton and any of Oatly’s trademarks.

“Last year the multinational Oatly brought a baseless lawsuit against us, and it was gratifying that it was so rapidly dismissed by the judge,” said Philip Rayner, co-founder of Glebe Farm.

“During that time, however, we asked our loyal customers about our brand and realised that there was a real opportunity to accentuate some key factors that make us unique and special in the oat drink market – a market that is dominated by foreign imports with high carbon-footprints.” 

“Nice job on the billboards! We’re flattered by the shout out,” said Lucy Hopkins-Parkinson of Oatly in response to the campaign. ”We can’t wait to open our UK factory in Peterborough next year where we’ll also be buying oats from British farmers, and creating around 200 new jobs. We wish our future neighbours well as we all work towards our shared goal of a more sustainable food system. See you in 2023!”