Source: Oatly 

The campaign features oat drink-based cartoon puppets ’navigating the shift to plant-based eating’ said Oatly

Oatly has launched its biggest-ever UK marketing push via a series of mini animations titled The New Norm & Al show.

The campaign, which aims to spark conversations around plant-based diets being “the new normal”, launched this week on YouTube and, and tracks the lives of oat drink-based carton puppets named Norm and Al (norm-al) who are trying to navigate the shift to plant-based eating.

The first episode, a five-minute pilot, tells the story of how the puppets met and sought to reinforce the message that people don’t have to be ‘hipsters’ or fully vegan to move away from dairy or meat, the brand suggested.

The production, by BAFTA-winning production company Nexus Studios, will be supported by Oatly’s largest UK digital media buying campaign across broadcast VoD (Sky, All4 and ITV Hub) and a programmatic VoD (YouTube), plus display ads and a social VoD.

The campaign will also run across OOH from 17 to 30 January in London, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow, as well as on thousands of buses around the country for the next four weeks.

In addition, Oatly has partnered with The Guardian across print, display and audio channels, secured an Observer magazine cover wrap and advertorials plus display takeovers, sliding doors and audio podcast ads.

Thousands of sample oat coffees in special Norm & Al cups will also be given away from ‘Oatly Not Milk Bars’ in both Manchester and London, as well as in selected coffee shops around the UK.

“After trying to help people eat more plant-based with super-long Instagram posts, dorky Superbowl ads, nonsensical headlines and picking on dads in the UK, we’ve now landed on puppets to do the job,” said Oatly’s creative director Michael Lee.

The campaign is also planned to launch across Europe over the next few weeks in markets including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands, as well as Australia.