Asda Grantham plastic veg

Asda returned to winning ways this week, after fending off a barrage of promotional activity from Tesco and ahead of new year price cuts that were announced this week from rivals.

The Walmart retailer’s £60.17 total was £1.27 cheaper than Tesco, offering the lowest price for 24 of the 33 items on our list, with 15 of these exclusively cheapest, including the cauliflower florets, coronation chicken sandwich filler, halloumi, Innocent smoothie and Chicago Town pizza.

Tesco had the cheapest price for 12 lines, with just two, the Diet Coke and Cadbury chocolate drink, exclusively cheapest.

Tesco’s overall competitiveness this week was down to the number of deals it was carrying. It had promos on 12 lines this week, almost double the seven run by Asda and Waitrose, while Sainsbury’s had five offers and Morrisons just four.

Our shop was carried out on 5 January, a day before Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons introduced a raft of price cuts, so it will be interesting to see what impact they have on next week’s results.

Sainsbury’s reported a 1.1% fall in like-for-like sales over the festive period, though grocery sales were up 0.4% as CEO Mike Coupe said it had improved its price position against its rivals. This week it took third spot. At £62.80 it was £2.63 more expensive than Asda and just £1.36 more expensive than Tesco. This was despite Sainsbury’s only having the cheapest price for five lines, none of them exclusively so.

Morrisons was cheaper than any of its rivals for the breaded ham, but overall it was £3.70 pricier than Asda at £63.87.

Waitrose, which is running its regular January save one third event, came out £7.85 dearer than Asda at £68.02. It offered the lowest price for four lines and beat all of its rivals on the mature cheddar slices.