Sainsburys Aldi price match

Tesco and Sainsbury’s have both been quietly ramping up their schemes

Sainsbury’s has grown its Aldi Price Match range by about 50 products in a month, taking the total to over 730, as the battle with the discounter intensifies.

The supermarket has added more cupboard staples, recipe building ingredients and ‘summer favourites’.

The added lines include rice, soy sauce, pesto, noodles and a range of By Sainsbury’s frozen treats such as Fruit Juice Ice Cream Splits and Rocket Ice Lollies.

The retailer’s 250g microwave egg fried rice pouch, for instance, dropped 47% from 85p to 45p, according to The Grocer’s KVI price tracker. Its 500ml squeezy mayonnaise, meanwhile, dropped by 24% from £1.25 to 95p.

“We remain completely focused on lowering prices on the essential products that our customers buy week in, week out,” said Sainsbury’s chief food commercial officer Rhian Bartlett.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep prices low on the high-volume products that we know are a staple in households across the country. We’re committed to offering the very best value so customers know that they are getting a great deal when they shop with us and do not need to go anywhere else.”

As revealed by The Grocer last month, both Tesco and Sainsbury’s have been quietly ramping up their Aldi Price Match schemes  since the start of the year. Tesco had added about 130 products to its published full list of Aldi price-matched lines by June, taking its total about 750, which was unchanged this week.

Sainsbury’s had added about 110 to its full list to reach 680 by the start of June, and has continued to expand its scheme since. The list stood at 732 products this week.  

Sainsbury’s official line is that “over 650” lines are price matched with Aldi, allowing flexibility for the number to change. It said the 732 currently listed could include some duplication thanks to regional product variation, such as Scottish and West Country milk and cream SKUs. 

Meanwhile, Aldi has been staging a fightback in its ‘Can’t Match This’ campaign, which launched in May with a TV ad mocking the schemes.

The Grocer reported last week how Aldi’s latest ads were making price comparisons with Tesco and Sainsbury’s, including pitching its own label products against brands at the supermarkets.

Aldi’s sales growth has slowed over the past 10 months at the same time as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have ramped up their matching schemes.

The discounter’s market share stands 10% according to latest Kantar data, down from 10.2% a year ago.