For all the uncertainty, there are still major opportunities to be grasped.

Always look on the bright side. Whatever happens, 2012 is likely to be a momentous year. Firstly, my beloved Coventry City will be in (old money) Division 3.

If that was all the trade had to worry about, though, everyone would be sleeping easy. Sleep may become a precious commodity if Euroland becomes disorderly such an outcome would be testing for all.

Beyond Europe, there are other matters to unfold. Will Obama and Sarkozy be in power this time next year? What of Russia and the global oil markets? How about North Korea and its new regime, Iran as a topic for international affairs and the progression of the ‘Arab Spring’? Closer to home, will the coalition stick or will there also be a 2012 general election in the UK?

Given the inter-connectedness of international markets, matters far away have ever quicker and bigger impacts on everyday lives. Accordingly, these global matters will set the tone for British economic growth, employment and domestic demand, while the value of the pound and the price of oil and soft commodities will condition the performance of suppliers.

So many questions, so few answers. It all feels a bit gloomy. If Euroland economically ‘blows’ up, then a new set of expectations and conditions shall persist that will be lower, weaker and tougher.

However, we believe Europe will probably muddle through. And for the food trade, there is succour to be drawn from its necessity and we see scope for solid demand through positive volumes and low inflation this year.

We will also stick our necks out and state that we do not anticipate a debilitating price war. So there may be scope for stability.

There may be a brighter outcome still if Mr Sunshine emerges from the end of May until September. Recent summers have been grim, but 2012 will be the year that the Queen’s glorious reign is celebrated with English ale, Scotch & Bushmills drams and Welsh lamb. Furthermore, Britain will celebrate our marvellous Olympians making us appreciate the attributes of sit-down sports and England will be victorious at UEFA 2012. National morale will rocket, productivity boom, consumer confidence rally and Britain will gorge itself on affordable treats.

Or that’s the hope anyway. Now what are the directions for Scunthorpe?