morrisons checkout staff

A speedy and well-managed checkout and solid availability helped Morrisons’ Exeter store pick up the win this week. Not all staff were as helpful as they could have been in this busy store, but the “helpful and friendly” Judith helped restore the balance.

In a rather average week for scoring, Morrisons was well clear of Sainsbury’s in Northampton, which took the runner-up spot. Again, this store was strong on availability and our shopper’s overall impression was that it was “good. Not outstanding, but good.” A number of stocking trolleys caused congestion and she “asked staff for help on numerous occasions with mixed results”.

Just two points separated third-placed Waitrose Waterlooville and Asda Glasgow in fifth.

At Waitrose, this week’s story of inconsistent service continued. One member of staff was very attentive, while another was “not so good and merely guessed they didn’t have my product - and took me to the wrong place to check”.

Availability was the main reason that the recently refurbished Tesco Blackburn store was marked down this week, landing it in fourth place. Three members of staff all tried to help our shopper find products and suggested alternatives.

Asda also scored poorly for availability with three out-of-stock items. Our shopper found the experience a “stress-free shop” as the store was well laid out and staff were helpful. However, she did spot some pasta spilt on the floor, which was not being attended to.