KG has formed a strategic alliance with a Spanish counterpart, Alconeras, initially to develop joint category management to multiples. Alconeras has seven fruit farms covering 250 hectares owned by the Garrido family. It grows 10,000 tonnes of strawberries, and 450 tonnes of raspberries and other berry fruit, packed at Moguer. It uses the KG facility at Linton, Kent for labelling and distribution. Savings are expected on cooperating over transport, packaging and distribution costs. KG Fruits md Nick Marston said: "The alliance will offer customers the opportunity to be involved in the selection of the best varieties in both countries, creating an offer of better eating fruit." Alconeras UK run by md Bill Ashby will continue to operate. Exploration of new varieties is a high priority for both, already influenced through exclusive agreements with US breeder Driscoll Strawberry Associates. Alconeras has already switched to the more popular San Miguel variety, marketed between November and May before the English crop gets under way in volume. KG has 25% of its production down to everbearers including Sovereign, which lengthens the summer season. Two new varieties, DD1 and DD2, will be named when they begin commercial trials next season. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}