Danisco Sweetners is bidding to attract a new audience of diabetics and low-carb dieters after attaining a low glycaemic index (GI) accreditation for its natural sugar substitute Fruisana.
Fruisana is derived from honey and fruit and contains the same calories as regular granulated sugar.
But, said a spokeswoman, is sweeter than regular sugar and has a lower GI rating of 19 - compared with 65 for its sugary counterpart sucrose and 100 for glucose.
Followers of the Australian GI regime stick to foods which are digested slowly, avoiding highs and lows in blood sugar levels that can prompt snacking.
It is also a useful signpost for
diabetics and has recently been in the spotlight after Tesco took the decision to introduce a low GI logo on selected own label lines (The Grocer, June 5, p8).
Danisco Sweetners sales and marketing manager Chris Drew said the new GI rating for Fruisana (rsp: 99p for a 250g pack) would boost the brand.
“Recent months have seen major multiples acknowledging the importance of GI by introducing essential labelling on its products.
“We believe that GI labelling will soon become universal.”