tesco food to go meal deal shoppers

Tesco is putting up the price of its £3 lunchtime meal deal for non-Clubcard members to £3.50, but keeping the offer for those with the loyalty card, it has announced.

The move will see the meal deal brought under its Clubcard Prices initiative for the first time, alongside more than 3,000 products already under the strategy.

Tesco also announced it was adding Costa hot drinks at more than 2,000 stores to the meal deal offer as another incentive for customers to sign up to Clubcard, which already has more than 20 million UK customers.

More than four million customers buy Tesco meal deals every week, according to the supermarket.

Tesco said the increase in price for non-Clubcard members came after 10 years without a rise and with some combinations adding up to the equivalent of more than £6 if purchased separately.

“Adding our ever-popular lunchtime meal deal to Clubcard Prices is the latest way we’re rewarding our 20 million Clubcard members with exclusive deals on thousands of products,” said Tesco chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini.

“Clubcard Prices have already given millions of customers the power to lower the cost of their weekly shop.

“There are hundreds of products included in the lunchtime meal deal, which means more than 10 million delicious combinations available across more than 2,700 of our stores – all for £3 – offering unrivalled choice and availability for our customers.”