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Bidfood’s new Middle Eastern dishes

Bidfood has incorporated vegan and Middle Eastern cuisine into its 2018 summer menu offering.

The move to introduce vegan chocolate caramel brownie and dishes including freekeh - a cereal made from green durum wheat - and lamb kibbeh was inspired by the latest consumer dining trends, the food wholesaler said.

Available from 1 March, its 2018 Create Summer range also focuses on Latin American and Asian influences, as well as reformulated own-label products including Lemon & Raspberry Ginger Crunch dessert and Vegan Coconut and Chocolate Tart, in response to Public Health England’s challenge for businesses to cut sugar by 20% by 2020.

“This year, consumer desire for new flavour combinations and experience-led dining will continue to dominate,” said Laura Mason, campaign manager at Bidfood. “Equally, government mandates around sugar and the ever-growing demand to meet dietary requirements with interesting menu options will be top of the agenda. Bidfood’s Create Summer range ties all this together to provide caterers with a wide variety of options to meet these needs and more.”