Findus is to breath new life into its crispy pancake portfolio with its first ever sweet pancake range. The frozen desserts, Findus Sweet Pancakes, are aimed at a core four to 11 year old market, while it is hoped they will appeal to teenagers too. They will be available from Asda and Somerfield this week and can be cooked in the oven or the microwave. Cooking instructions on the pack have been kept simple to allow kids to take part. The pancakes are available in three flavours: smooth milk chocolate sauce, raspberry ripple sauce and strawberry mousse sauce flavours. They and can be served with ice cream or custard. Tracy Hughes, Findus Sweet Pancakes senior brand manager, said the sweet pancakes are a natural progression from the Findus savoury range. She said: "There is an increasing reliance on quick, convenient solutions like these. According to our research, mums and kids alike love the taste, the flavours, the packs and the speed of preparation." The packs (rsp £1.49) contain six individual pancakes. Findus became an independent European company in January 2000 following its acquisition by Swedish investment firm EQT from Nestlé. {{P&P }}