Oranges and a Caribbean beach did not say rum very clearly to our panel, who gave a mixed reception for the orange colour and flavour. Caribbean Twist From Halewood International The company is spending £1m advertising this 5.4% abv fruit drink. Most will go on posters near major roads and in the London underground. The drink is aimed at 20-30 year old women and sells in two sizes. There will be press advertising in trade and consumer titles. The 33cl bottle retails at £1.09 and the 75cl sells at £2.29. There are four products in the range ­ orange, pineapple and pina colada, and the latest addition, watermelon. Stockists include Morrisons, Asda and Somerfield. Marcia Waters: Packaging ­ the full colour photo of oranges, a Caribbean beach and the clear glass show very obviously what the drink is. It doesn't look like a rum based drink. Promotional activity ­ Above the line advertising should work for this. However, it is in a very crowded sector. The product ­ An even orange colour and orangey aroma delivers what is expected from the packaging. There is very little evidence of rum on the palate, except as a sweetness, but this is a refreshing drink and is easy to consume well chilled . Would you buy it? ­ No. Success rating out of 25 ­ 19. Russell Grant: Packaging ­ Excellent pack, good shelf stand out and an elegant bottle. The label conveys a relaxed tropical feel. I am concerned the flavour is not clearly identified on the label. Promotional activity ­ Good above the line support for a pps. It is good to see it going into consumer magazines. The rsp of £1.09 is strong for a product with an abv of 5.4% in a 330ml bottle. The product ­ Has the appearance of orange juice with an orange aroma. I can't detect any rum on the nose. They have not made it too sweet. A surprisingly sophisticated product. Excellent if chilled. Would you buy it? ­ Yes. Success rating out of 25 ­ 23. Don Landers: Packaging ­ A somewhat predictable design ­ it would be better to depict more Caribbean' cues. The fruit looks dirty and unappetising, but at least the label shape is unusual. Promotional activity ­ Given the current weather, it should do really well. The product ­ Lovely orange colour, an aroma of fresh orange juice and a delicious taste, with just a hint of rum. Would you buy it? ­ Yes. Success rating out of 25 ­ 18. Peter Jones: Packaging ­ Looked exactly the same as a Hi-Juice squash bottle, but smaller. In the age of alcopops and premixes, it does not jump out and grab you on shelf. I'd think someone had mistakenly put it next to the alcopops. Promotional activity ­ They are certainly trying to push. But there are so many drinks being advertised, I don't know if posters will be enough for people to remember its name. The product ­ Good colour. Looked just like a Britvic orange juice and lemonade. It didn't smell alcoholic. I thought it was orange and lemonade with something in it. I'll stick to mixing my own. Pleasant enough though. Would you buy it? ­ No. Success rating out of 25 ­ 10. Total score out of 100 ­ 52 {{DRINKS }}