Northern Irish snacks supplier Tayto is taking on Walkers’ Sensations with a premium crisp range called Fusion.
Marketing manager Loretta MacFarlane said the “foodie” range would launch in Northern Ireland on March 1 with a four week, £3m TV campaign.
MacFarlane said that the product had already been presented to the multiples in Great Britain and was likely to launch here by Christmas.
Tayto has created the premium range to take on Walkers’ Sensations product, launched last year, she said.
MacFarlane said Walkers had
been aggressive and seen fast growth in the Northern Irish market. “We are fighting back. We may not have the same budgets as Walkers but we are guerrilla enough to stand out,” she said.
The silver foil wrapped crisps are produced using a batch frying process to give them “more bite than everyday crisps” she said.
They launch in three flavours - roast beef with peppercorn sauce, roasted cheese & mixed peppercorns and sweet chilli & red peppers - priced at 40p for a 40g bag and £1.29 for a 150g bag. Further flavours will follow.
One crisp buyer at a major multiple said she thought the range was “really nice” and she would probably list it over Christmas. She added: “At the moment everyone is trying premium crisps like this, but around Christmas time there certainly is a niche for them.”
Walkers’ Sensations is already an £88.5m-a-year sales success, according to Information Resources.