New technology that boosts the shelf life of certain chilled products from three to 20 days is on its way to the UK for the first time.

Manufacturing company At Source Foods, which uses the technology to produce guacamole, said it uses “extreme pressure” to sterilise the product.

At Source claimed the process, which uses no heat, radiation or chemicals, improves the retention of colour, flavours, nutrients and vitamin content.

A spokesman for the manufacturer told The Grocer that most chilled guacamole on the market was made from frozen pulp and that the high-pressure technique allowed fresh pulp to be used, which delivered a “cleaner, fresher flavour”.

The extended shelf life also means fresh guacamole from Spain can be sold and marketed in other parts of Europe for the first time. Previously, its limited shelf life meant it could only be sold domestically.

At Source Foods added that the high-pressure technology was also being used in Europe and the US on fruit juices and a range of other fresh products, including whole lobsters.