Get More vitamin drinks

Tesco is backing Get More vitamin drinks from the More or Less Company

Tesco will unveil a new range of health drinks next week in what it claims is a “significant step forward” for the soft-drinks category.

The drinks were masterminded by supplier Steve Norris, who turned to Tesco for support after his US backer pulled out of the UK.

Norris said Tesco stepped in with the promise of a major order after the withdrawal of Neuro Drinks from the UK in late 2012, despite a successful trial with the retailer. Norris went on to form the More or Less Drinks Company.

The launch line-up includes four SKUs of 500ml Get More drinks for adults, covering vitamin C, multivitamins, vitamin D and vitamin B. There will be three SKUs of children’s drinks, A Little More, covering vitamin C, multivitamins and vitamin D. The drinks will roll into more than 800 Tesco stores from Monday.

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“Tesco’s backing was really important and we hope that we can help create a new destination for health and wellbeing within soft drinks,” said Norris, a former head of field sales at Red Bull.

“The key macro trend we are seeing is the growth of the ‘Health and Wellness Soft Drinks Category’,” said Tesco soft drinks buying manager David Beardmore. “More Drinks have taken a further step forward by focusing on specific vitamins rather than developing blended products, thereby allowing customers to shop for their own needs.

“Having products that are ‘no or low calorie’ is again another significant step forward for this category.”