Tesco Bank app

Tesco’s banking app

Tesco Bank is simplifying the process for customers to report their cards lost or stolen.

The new ‘block/unblock’ feature on its mobile banking app allows shoppers to quickly block their card from being used while allowing their account to remain active. Users who find their card can then unblock their card or cancel and reorder a card if need be.

Over 300,000 customers contacted Tesco Bank over the past year to report their card lost or stolen.

“We want to make banking as easy as possible for customers. Millions of credit card customers across the UK contact their bank each year to report a lost card only to find it again,” said Tesco Bank digital director Grant Bourbousson.

“By allowing our credit card customers to block their card with just the tap of a button on their phone, this new feature takes the hassle and stress out of those occasions when you think you’ve lost your card, only to find it a little later. It is just another example of the innovative new features we are delivering to help customers manage their money using our mobile banking App.”

The mobile banking app’s other features include a fingerprint login with Touch ID and Android Fingerprint, a ‘balance peek’ which allows users to check their balances fast, and an unauthorised overdraft alert to prevent customers incurring account fees. Customers can also manage their direct debit payments and credit card limit and view a calendar indicating changes in their current account spending from month to month.