Rosé is predicted to be a strong performer this Christmas by retailers, who are giving over significant shelf space to the wine style.
Rosé, which is now growing at five times the rate of red or white wine with 26% volume growth over the past year [off-trade volume, ACNielsen Scantrack, year ending 8/7/5], is no longer just a drink for summer, say retailers.
Philippa Carr, wine buyer for Asda, said: “Rosé is definitely no longer seen as seasonal. It is a year-round phenomenon.”
Tesco said sales of rosé through its stores have grown by 143% in the past year, which has led to the retailer increasing its range from 18 bottles at the start of 2004 to its current 39.
Tesco’s beer, wine and spirits director Mark Murphy said: “The rosé boom has really taken off because the quality and the range has really improved and we are seeing a whole new generation of enthusiasts who were far too young to remember when the variety faced being widely ridiculed.”
Murphy said rosé was expected to be a big seller at Christmas.
And for the first time this year, retailers including Tesco and Asda have given rosé its own section rather than mixing it with the whites or reds.
“Demand for rosé is so strong that we have completely reviewed our wine range, taken out some of the reds and whites and given it its own shelf space,” said Murphy.
Carr said Asda has also implemented a dedicated rosé bay into its wine aisles.