High Res Planogram Image

Source: Dunnhumby

Tesco’s media platform – Tesco Media & Insight Platform powered by Dunnhumby – has launched new software for brands to see how their product is displayed across multiple locations and store formats.

The tool - Planogram Publisher – provides “in-depth insights” from Tesco’s 3,500-plus stores, and would “deliver significant efficiencies especially in field sales activities” Dunnhumby said.

The launch marks the first time Tesco has made its full planogram data consistently available, previously sharing single plans as a one-off or on an ad hoc basis.

The tool – which draws from more than four billion different datapoints, according to the retail data science company – allows brands to analyse the placement of their products across the Tesco store estate, and down to SKU level within specific categories, key store groups, and individual locations.

“It’s a major evolution in the way that CPG brands can interact and engage with Tesco product location data,” said Dan Hodgkiss, MD, Tesco, at Dunnhumby.

“The insights it provides will help sales teams make smarter, faster, and better-informed decisions about their product portfolio using rich and reliable data taken straight from the source,” Hodgkiss added.

The product was created in collaboration with retail software firm VST (Virtual Store Trials).

“Most CPGs have more than 250 different planograms associated with their products,” said Nick Theodore, CEO of VST.

“Previously, the only way to understand how those products were positioned within Tesco stores was to send out field sales representatives to photograph and analyse different layouts,” he added. “Planogram Publisher gives them more of the information they need, without having to rely on those slow and disruptive visits.” 

Dunnhumby said the timing of the launch meant brands could use it to “navigate the challenges and opportunities posed by changes to store layouts that will occur when the new HFSS regulations come into force” in October.

Tesco launched Tesco Media & Insight, powered by Dunnhumby in November last year. As a closed loop platform, backed with data from Tesco Clubcard – used by more than 20 million households in the UK, with nearly seven million regular app users – it allows “suppliers and agencies engage more effectively with customers and understand their evolving needs” Tesco said.

At the time, Tesco CEO Ken Murphy said the platform could be a “significant contributor over time” to its revenue.