Tesco has made a rare move into brands in the fresh meats category, listing four branded lamb products from New Zealand supplier Silver Fern Farms.

The range, which went on sale in about 300 Tesco stores last week, comprises a rack of lamb, lamb leg roast, lamb loin fillets and lamb rumps. Each pack weighs 375g and costs between £8 and £10. Tesco will run an introductory £2 off offer across the range to encourage trial.

Tesco has stocked the rack of lamb as a one-off special purchase before, but this is the first time any Silver Fern Farms product will be listed permanently. The other products in the range have not been previously listed in the UK.

Tesco said the Silver Fern brand was well established in New Zealand, and it wanted to extend the range of lamb products available to its customers.

Recent months have been tough for lamb sales declining flock numbers have sent global prices soaring, making lamb an increasingly expensive choice compared with ­other meats.

Silver Fern Farms UK general manager John Whitlam said the smaller pack size offered by his brand meant consumers could try out lamb without having to spend a fortune. “Because our packs are 375g, even though the per-kilo price might be high, in terms of what you actually have to spend in cash, the entry point price is quite low,” he said.

All Silver Fern Farms products except for the rack are boneless to minimise food waste, and packs contain guidance on serving size, such as “sized for the smaller family”. Each pack also features recipe suggestions on the back.

“It’s about offering consumers convenient, restaurant-quality fresh lamb products,” said Whitlam.

In New Zealand, Silver Fern Farms products have been on sale since November 2009, and the range includes a lamb stir-fry. Whitlam said the brand would focus on its existing UK range first before considering adding other ­products to its line-up.